email anti-spam & anti-virus

spam and virus interception for on-premise mailservers

MXguard is an MX email interception relay that will scan incoming email messages for SPAM content or Virus content and allow legitimate emails through to your own email server. Reduce overhead on your own server or internet connection by using MXguard to drop unwanted email at source.

Spam email and virus messages sent to email servers are one of the biggest issues for an I.T. admin to overcome, there are many spam prevention systems on the market and many need to be installed on the email server itself adding to increased resource overheads, MXguard is entirely in the cloud and can filter mail before it even reaches your internal network.

MXguard will also hold your messages in the event that your own email server becomes unreachable, such as in the event of a broadband failure, hardware fault or powerloss.

get mxGuard

MXguard can be provisioned within 24 hours and effective within 48 hours.

MXguard will filter email for spam and viruses and also serves as a relay backup in the event your server is unreachable.
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how to deploy mxguard

MXguard is incredibly easy to deploy.

once your domain name(s) have been provisioned on our system simply update your DNS to reflect our MXguard MX records and we will be automatically filtering your email for spam and viruses.

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